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Soil Monitoring Got Good News Market Value Added Will Probably Reach 4.5 Billion Yuan
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In 2017, the demand of environmental detection service will be needed throughout the soil contamination prevention. During the preliminary basic work, surveying on the soil contamination condition and distribution of contaminated plots will involve environmental detection, and during risk evaluation screening and evaluation of remediation effect, environmental detection business will be also get involved. Soil monitoring is the foundation of doing soil prevention and processing work.

From the aspect of the overall tune of “soil ten articles”, soil contamination has been viewed very importantly, among which, the first article is to “carry out soil contamination survey, grasp soil environment quality situation, “build up soil environment quality monitoring network”, therefore, the level of value of soil monitoring policy is high.

Comparing with air pollution, water pollution, people know little about the specific situation of soil contamination currently, an unified country-level soil environment monitoring network hasn’t formed yet throughout the country, and division of work of various departments is vague, so it is difficult to form the resultant force, the soil monitoring efficiency is low.

From 2005 to 2013, Environmental Protection Department and Ministry of Land and Resources carried out national soil contamination condition survey with the area of about 6300 thousand square km, among which, survey accuracy of plantation is 8 km×8km, survey accuracy of woodland and grassland is 16km×16km, and survey accuracy of unused land is 32km×32km. we can see that current various survey accuracy cannot meet the requirement of soil contamination prevention and management and remediation at all. The market gap is huge, there is great opportunity existing in the field of soil monitoring.

“soil ten articles” put forward that the setting of nation controlled monitoring point must be completed before 2017, all counties(cities, districts) where soil environment quality monitoring point located finish building up nation controlled network by the end of 2020, and in 2020, all downtown area will be covered with the network, which will enhance the requirement of soil environment quality monitoring effectively.

Till December of 2015, 31367 soil environment quality monitoring nation controlled point has been set up nationwide, 7000 another risk points will be added in 2016, accounting for 22.32% of branches built. According to the planning of Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Territories and Ministry of Environment Protection, 160 thousand nation controlled points will be added. In the future, the number of soil environment quality monitoring points can be seen to increase rapidly.

Because soil has bad mobility and its contaminant has complicated elements, bigger probability of soil monitoring points will depend on sampling detection in the lab, not on continuously online monitoring equipment. The demand of soil monitoring equipment is huge. According to the price of current main soil monitoring equipment, the average equipment investment of each monitoring branch is about 200 thousand yuan. If we estimate with this price, soil monitoring equipment market will increase to 32 billion yuan in five years.

It takes time to implement the policy and build up environment monitoring branches, in two or three years, the number of soil environment quality monitoring branches will increase dramatically, during “thirteenth five years”, the growth of monitoring points will be fast in the beginning and get slow later. With the mature of application of soil monitoring equipment, the price will decrease.

Figure 2016-2020 Soil Monitoring Equipment Market Increment (Unit: hundred million yuan)

Data source: CIConsulting Industry Research Center

CIConsulting industry research center predicts that annual compound growth rate of total number of national soil monitoring branches will reach about 44% in five years, in 2020, increase to about 30 thousand; single monitoring branch equipment investment will decrease by 20%~30%, around 150 thousand yuan. Soil monitoring equipment industry market will increase to 45 hundred million yuan in 2020.