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The Application of Food Detection New Technology
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Food safety has always been the problem people concerned and worried the most, over the past few years, food safety problems were seen everywhere in China, threatening people’s physical and psychological health severely, in recent years, the situation of food safety in China has turned better fundamentally. With the constant improvement of people’s living standard, the people’s consumption concept to the food has been changed gradually, consumption method has been changed from family cooking to market consumption, thus food safety hidden danger and risks have increased gradually. We can obtain the admission of international market only when we solve food safety hidden danger fundamentally, to realize the foreign trade of our country’s food. Under this kind of requirement, food detection technology must meet the requirement of rapidness, convenience, accuracy and delicacy. At present, the development of our country’s food rapid detection method is very fast. The writer analyzed the latest food rapid detection method in China.
Development situation of food contamination detection new technology
Food safety problems are always one of major problems related to national economy and the people’s livelihood, it is the main obstacle of import and export trade in China, as our country invest more in food safety monitoring area, currently, some new detection technology and improvement technology have been launched on the market constantly, including the following aspects:

Pesticide residue detection technology. Pesticide residue has always been the main factor that influences the food safety, in recent years, pesticide residue detection technology has made a great breakthrough, many new extracting, purification, separation and detection technologies including microwave extraction method, supercritical extraction method, solid phase extraction method and heating solvent extraction method, etc. these new detection technologies make extraction liquid has little impurities, extraction object has high efficiency, solvent wasted less, furthermore, their operation is simple, with good detection effect. Extraction method appeared at the late period of 1980’s, in the beginning, solid phase extraction micro-column detection method was popular, a revolution of purification technology was triggered due to that, our country uses advanced detection method in foreign countries on the basis of traditional pesticide detection technology on one hand, on the other hand, launched some more advanced methods during the process of introduction, digestion and absorption, new development has been made.

Veterinary drug residue detection technology, with the intensification and large-scale development of our country’s animal husbandry, the usage range of veterinary drug is wider and wider, various antibiotics, sulfonamides, hormone which are in favor of promoting the growth of livestock have been applied widely in husbandry, these veterinary drugs promoted the growth of livestock and reduced morbidity, but drug residue problem was brought as well. Now, veterinary drug residue has become the biggest hidden danger of meat food safety. Some developed countries had built up veterinary drug residue detection system in 1980s, however, our country’s veterinary drug detection system is not complete, with late starting up. Now, in recent years, our government makes more effort on the aspect of veterinary drug detection, big achievement has been obtained. 
Detection technology of major organic contaminant. With the constant development of industry, the pollution of environment where people live in becomes heavier and heavier, many organic contaminant are generated during the manufacturing process. We can see these contaminants everywhere, especially a great deal of contaminants which endangers people’s physical and mental health were generated during the trash burning, such as TCDD. There are about 200 kinds of TCDD substances, which are high carcinogenic. 

Detection technology of biological contamination, major food-borne diseases generated from microorganism in food include salmonellosis, legionnaires desease, and carcinogenic lesion generated by aflatoxin. These food-borne diseases and aflatoxin are caused by contaminated food, or by mildew food. Currently used enzyme linked immunosorbent kit has obvious effect on the aspect of detection of food-borne virus.

Detection technology of GMF. GMF can not get the approval of the market as its safety can not be guaranteed. America prohibits to grow GMF crops domestically although it is an important country that researches GMF project. But in China, GMF food exist in the market in a great number. 

The policy that reinforce food safety management in China

We can see from the source of our food, the source of food contamination comes from all links including food production, processing, transportation and sales. Among them, pesticide contamination is the main source of food contamination. In recent years, hormone contamination and artificial food are main contamination source as well. Therefore, in order to do food safety management better, it is urgent go ensure people’s healthy diet.

Perfect food safety management system. According to the advice from experts who research food safety problem, as our country’s agricultural management intensification deepens gradually and modern agriculture develops, the standard operation of agricultural production must be led by standard management method. HACCP system is a harm analyzing and key control point management system, monitoring the production and sales of various food from various area, supervising the production and sales of various food from various area by making use of food safety alarm system, focusing on the change of market to make sure the food safety.