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Bluebox Water Monitoring System

  Bluebox Water Monitoring System

  The BlueBox is the central panel of a modular concepted measuring and controlling system.

  The BlueBox can be connected to both sensors (e.g. temperature, compression or conductivity) and actuators (e.g. relays, pump) by CAN (Controller Area Network) technology.

  For data processing and its communication the BlueBox is equipped with the established interfaces.

  Up to 160 sensors or actuators can be connected to the BlueBox, which signifies a distinct cost reduction by full functional efficiency.

  Besides sensors and actuators of our own portfolio we also include products of nearly all other manufacturers.

  Sensors and actuators can be arranged in a decentralised bus or star formation over distances up to 1000 meters (optionally even longer).

  The transfer of data, results and the communication is effected by modem, ISDN, GSM or Blue Tooth.

  In mobile use the attachement of a GPS for a continous determination of its position is optionally possible.

  Connection of external physical measuring sensors

  The BlueBox system can be connected to multiple external sensors. Thereby the BlueBox functions as a data logger and control unit.

  Fast, accurate, providential

  The BlueBox system allows a nongeneric modulation for the different measuring requirements and the connection to numerous measurement devices is possible. Accordingly multiple process parameters can be saved and processed by the BlueBox and therefore serveral external indicator units are replaced.

  Support of all established ports:

  e.g.: RS232, LAN, ProfiBus, Modem (Analogue/ISDN, GSM) and USB

  Malfunction messaging via SMS

  The malfunction message function via SMS is particularly helpful for especially wide processing plants or stand-by duty.

  Remote maintenance and network-compatibility

  Through its multiple ports the BlueBox can be connected to your local area network or your telephone system. Hence the BlueBox can be controled and maintained at any time from any networked place.

  Update of the firmware/downloading of the data via USB stick

  An automatic update of the firmware or the saving of measuring data on an external computer system is effected user-friendly through the USB port. Therefore a matching USB stick is inclusive.

  Interactive operation on a graphical interface (Touch Screen)

  The operation of the BlueBox is effected by its user-friendly interactive graphical interface (Touch Screen). In the process display and buttons adapt to the present situations. The menu control is self-explanatory.

  Fully functioning network via direct LAN connection

  The direct network connection makes the PowerMon the sole fully network-compatible online monitor there is.

  Comprehensive software package

  to save, visualise, analyse, supervise, transfer, combine, calibrate

  Operating system based on Linux®

  The operating system of the BlueBox is based on Linux, providing a particularly stable and save application flow.