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Basic Ex 1 mobile sampling

Basic Ex 1 mobile sampling

  The benefits at a glance

  1. light compact device

  2. simple to operate

  3. complies with all sampling tasks reliably

  4. easily replaceable integrated accumulator

  5. WDMi – self-teaching water detection for automatic detection of suction height and highest metering accuracy

  6. low-maintenance hose pump technology complies with ISO 5667 and EN25667

  7. distributor with automatic position detection

  8. maintenance-free brushless pump and distributor motors

  9. idle mode switching for extremely long operating times

  (power consumption in idle mode 0.25 mA)

  10. wireless communication via Bluetooth interface e.g. using

  ORI MODUL measuring system for event-proportional

  sampling (even within explosion zone)

  11. large internal data memory of 2 MB for logging of sample data

  and further externally coupled measuring devices

  12. with RS 232 interface for connection with Ex GSM /GPRS Modem;

  enables operation, alarming, diagnosis/update functions from remote

  (also within explosion zone)

  13. TÜV certified safety for use in explosion-hazardous surroundings

  ATEX II 2G IIB T4 in Zones 1 and 2