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Gate-type computer-controlled electronic universal testing machine


   Gate-type computer-controlled electronic universal testing machine is a new material testing machine with combination of electronic technique and mechanical transmission. It has a broad accurate load speed and force measurement, the measurement and control of load, transformation, displacement is high precision and sensitivity, what’s more, it can also proceed automatic control test of constant speed load, constant speed transmission, constant speed displacement, as well as the function of low cycle of load, deformation cycle, displacement cycle etc. The strong oriented light bar increases the lateral rigidity of the device and ensures that the beam is linear motion. It can make the cross joint precisely alignment, reduce the difference of measurement data, produce a good overall accuracy.

    The series of models have a variety of options that you can select the model structure, like lower space model, upper pull lower press double space model, upper press lower pull double space model etc. It can do environmental test equipped with environmental cabinet, high temperature furnace.

Main function:

used for all kinds of metal, non-metallic sample for tensile, compression, bending, shearing, peeling, tearing test, as well as special testing for some products.

Applied industries:

measurement and quality testing; rubber and plastic; metallurgy steel; electronics; automobile production; textile and chemical fiber; wire and cable; packing material and food; instrument and apparatus; medical apparatus and instruments; Civilian nuclear energy; civil aviation; colleges; Scientific Research Institute; commodity inspection arbitration; technical supervision department; Building materials and ceramics; petrochemical industry and other industries.