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Computer controlled electro-hydraulic servo system

Computer control electro-hydraulic servo system is general servo oil source system. Suitable for: the form of oil cylinder seal clearance seal of universal machine,oil cylinder is bidirectional horizontal tensile machine and single cylinder,the pressure testing machine of each machine manufacturer. Custom upgrade version can meet the test requirements of dynamic testing machine.The system has low noise, large flow, oil supply stable ,the closed loop performance is good, low power consumption, and with the cooling system, can meet the needs of customers for a long time test.

In the current era of the popularization of the computer, for serving the older style of universal testing machine (For example: mechanical dial shows testing machine, computer screen explicit testing machine, digital display type testing machine) ,can only be controlled by the artificial testing machine loading rate. We can through the way of testing machine technical reformation to glow the youth of the old machine (Including:  replace the oil source, increase to servo control of servo valve and pressure differential valve, upgraded to electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine), to continue to serve you.