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Multi-sample Insulated Aluminum Alloy Profiles Persistent High Temperature Testing Machine

  This equipment is designed for the relevant inspection of aluminum profiles.

  Multi-sample insulated aluminum profiles persistent high temperature testing machine is designed for constantly testing thermal profiles for 1000 hours in the high temperature environment of 80℃ and on the condition of bearing the transverse tensile force 1000N. In view of the long test time, the equipment can test multiple samples simultaneously, which has greatly improved the efficiency of aluminum architectural profile test and saved precious time for users. The equipment is widely used in scientific research institutions, Institutes of quality inspection as well as aluminum profiles production units.

  Using national standard:

  《GB/T28289-2012 Insulated Aluminum Profiles Composite Performance Test Methods》

  《GB5237.6-2012 Aluminum Profiles - Part 6: thermal profiles》

  Principle of work:

  Loading mechanism consists of levers, weights, loaded bolts, balance adjustment devices, etc. Hang the multiple samples that are stringed by the connection fixture at the end of the lever. With the weight of weighs at the leverage end, apply force to the samples by leverage. When the samples bear load deforms in a high-temperature environment for a long time, the leverage will incline. Fine-tune it with load bolts and balance adjustment device to return to the horizontal position so as to ensure the test force accuracy.

  The patent number:201310651304

  Scope of application:

  Insertion methodology thermal barrier aluminum alloy architectural profiles, poured and debridged methodology thermal barrier aluminum alloy architectural profiles.

        Product Features:

      Efficiency promotion:

    Endurance test time requires 1000 hours, which takes long time. YXCJ-2A can test 100 pieces in one batch. It greatly improves the inspection efficiency.

    Convenient operation:

    The testing machine is designed with ergonomics .And the cabinet space is enlarged, which is convenient for handling the samples.

    Real-time monitoring:

    It’s equipped with an observation window to easily real-time monitor the testing process.


    The testing machine with scroll wheel is movable.

    Technology Innovation:

    The testing force of machine is applied by leverage plus weights. According to the leverage principle, the machine is top mounted weight load and equipped with leverage balance adjustment device to reach equilibrium. While ensuring that the test force 1000N effectively reduces weight of the weights with Lever arm, thereby the overall weight is reduced.

    The main technical parameters

Standard sample size


Sample Capacity

Up to 100 pieces / batch (Can be customized)

Test Force


Test accuracy

1% / 0.5%

Temperature range

Room Temperature to 150,  accuracy:±1

Applying force Mode

Leverage + weights

Power supply