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Electro-hydraulic servo steel strand anchorage fatigue testing system

Main technical parameters:

1、  maximum static test force: ±500kN

2、  indicating accuracy : tranche standardization according to 1、10 attenuation multiple, each file indicating value accuracy from 20%±1%

3、  maximum static testing force: ±250kN

4、  amplitude degree of fluctuation: not more than each file ±2%FS

5、  actuator maximum amplitude: ±75mm

6、  indicating accuracy : ±1%FS

7、  frequency range: 0.01—20Hz

8、  main test waveform: sine wave、square wave、triangular wave、oblique wave and external input waveform

9、  constant voltage pump station specification: flow230L/min,21MPa,motor power110KW